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As many as you wish.

The number of words in a document is only constrained by available memory

  • Open a new blank wordsearch document
  • Open up the document that contains the words that you wish to copy
  • Select the words that you wish to copy
  • Drag the selected words to the blank document

The words and clues will be copied to the document

You may have a maximum of 50 user defined shapes.

If you wish to have 50 shapes of your own design then you will need to use the preferences option to exclude the fifteen default shapes that were shipped with the program.

You may delete any or all of the standard built-in shapes but they will indeed re-appear the next time you run the program. To suppress this behaviour you will need to use the preferences panel where the shapes tab will allow you to select, or deselect, those standard shapes that will load when you run the program. Or you can drag them to the inactive table in the shape management window.

There is a limit of 100 multiple wordsearches.

This should be far more than anybody would need in a real world situation, but if you have a need for more then simply do two or more print operations with "multiple wordsearches" selected.

Unfortunately this is not possible.

You can, however, easily import the words from Word Search V3. Here is how to do that.

  • Open the document in Word Search V3
  • Export the words from that document
  • Drag the exported words file from the finder onto a new WordSearch 4 document window

Yes you may use non-English characters in the words.

If you do use non-English characters then remember to click on the radio button "Letters from the used words" on the wordsearch creation page.

For an explanation of why you should do this, please see the help documentation on creating wordsearches in WordSearch 4.

  • Select all of the words in the table
  • Click on the "Exclude Selected Words" button
  • From the sort menu select "Words With Clues at Top"
  • Select the words with clues
  • Click on the "Include Selected Words" button

Now only the words with clues will be used to create the wordseach


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